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Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate 2018

Ahoy me harties! Are ye ready? ‘Tis the hour to strike out on th’ seven seas and seek out adventure with the Speak Like a Pirate Event! Cap’n PegLeg be back in Junon Polis ‘n lookin’ fer some treasure! Complete quests and collect some coin and ye can trade fer some o’ his treasures! Not only can ye speak like a scurvy pirate but now ye can look like one too!

Th' Golden Thief bug be at it again Roserians in Orlo! They be runnin' around causin' all kinds 'o trouble. Th’ old sea dogs’ rumors be that they have be stealin' all th' gold doubloons! Make sure to head over to Orlo to smash these annoyin' scallywags 'n get th' gold back!

Th' Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate Event gunna start on September 15th 'n end on September 30th! Be sure to take part 'o it!

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