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Patch Notes v663

Patch Notes v663

The Autumn Premium Daily Box is available from September 1st to November 30th, and now has the chance to give the following items:

Black Karate Gi
Blue Karate Gi
Green Karate Gi
Pink Karate Gi
Purple Karate Gi
Red Karate Gi
White Karate Gi
Yellow Karate Gi
Pantharis (1 Day)
Tigris (1 Day)
Black Tigris (1 Day)
White Tigris (1 Day)
Thunder Dragon (1 Day)
Volcanic Dragon (1 Day)
Antares (1 Day)
Armored Antares (1 Day)
Scorpio (1 Day)
Dark Scorpio (1 Day)

Royal Fortune Costume
Riot Corsair Costume
Outlaw Punk Costume
Captain Zack Outfit
Skykeeper Costume
Star Seeker Costume
Dragon Tamer Costume
S Class High School Costume
Magical Wisezard Costume
Noblesse Tyrant Set
Astral Scythe Backshield
Wings of Twilight

All pirate themed costumes have a +100% EXP & +70% Item Drop Chance until the end of September!

Back to School event items are now available!

Back-to-School Box
School Backpack Box
School Bookbag Box

From August 30th ~ September 20th, players can receive additional bonus rewards for completing specific dungeon and PvP challenges every day.

All rewards will be distributed at the end of the event, and any Honor/Valor/Premium points awarded at the end of the event will not be affected by the point cap. This month's challenges are:

Level up a character (level 50 or higher only!)
Level up a character up by 1 level to earn 2 Lucky Spin Coins, per day (per account).

Complete a Dungeon Quest
Completing a Dungeon Quest on a character earns you 50 Valor Points, per day.

Complete a Game Arena Dungeon
Completing a Game Arena Dungeon (Cave of Ulverick, Halls of Oblivion, etc) earns you 100 Valor Points, per day.

Complete a PvP Daily Quest
Completing a PvP Daily Quest (offered by a Battlemaster) on a character earns you 10 Honor Points, per day.

Complete Draconis Peaks
Completing a game of Draconis Peaks earns you 100 Honor Points, per day.

Complete Crystal Defenders
Completing a game of Crystal Defenders earns you 200 Honor Points, per day.

Complete Akram Arena
Completing a game of Akram Arena earns you 300 Honor Points, per day.

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