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Patch Notes v665


Patch Notes v665



The following items have been added to the Item Mall at this time: 
Bundle of Trick or Treat Halloween Box
Trick or Treat Halloween Box

Enchanted Box of Spooky

Hebarns Box of Scary Stuff

Werewolf - Halloween Costume

Witch/Warlock - Halloween Costume

Zombie - Halloween Costume

Devil - Halloween Costume

Frankenstein - Halloween Costume

Mummy - Halloween Costume

Vampire - Halloween Costume

Love Story Costume

Storybook Costume Package

Tea Party Costume Package

Fairy Tale Costume Package

Fable Costume Package

Heburkal's Pet

Heburkal's Pet (7 Day)


Arachnid (7 Day)

Kera's Pet

Kera's Pet (7 Day)

Tombstone Shop

Gravestone Shop

Pumpkin Wings

Magic Pumpkin Shield

Mummy Face

Scream Mask


Witch's Chin

Witch's Nose

Blue Masquerade Mask

Green Masquerade Mask

Purple Masquerade Mask

Red Masquerade Mask

White Masquerade Mask

Yellow Masquerade Mask


Lucky Spin

Angelic Demon Costume

Spooky Scarecrow Costume

Cute Eater Costume

Pumpkin Knight Costume

Black Widow Costume

Rock Your Body Costume

School of Rock Costume

Wizardry Costume

Warlock Costume

Alien Costume



Daily Challenge Bonus rewards have been distributed, and Raffle Rewards will be distributed within the next hour!
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